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Featured Project: Catch the Clock Escape Rooms

Catch the Clock is an entertainment business that provides Escape Room experiences for one and all. Fancy yourself a bit of a detective?
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Our featured client is a project that included web design, SEO and Google Business Profile creation and setup.

Catch the Clock is an entertainment business that provides Escape Room experiences for one and all. Fancy yourself a bit of a detective? Their escape rooms are great for friends & family to enjoy, and also for corporate team-building events.

As for the project, OBM Digital designed and implemented their website and also provides the hosting thereof. The functionality built-in includes a complete online booking management system with specific requirements to cater to the minimum and maximum amount of players that can be booked for a specific room at specific pre-defined time slots for multiple rooms on multiple days.

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The website was integrated with Google Analytics (including conversion tracking). The Analytics data will provide a database of traffic to the website and loads of information like where the traffic came from be it Organic Search, Social Media platforms etc. Key metrics we keep an eye on is also the bounce rate, which could be detrimental to the keyword rankings if above the norm. It is also integrated with Google Search Console to monitor any indexing-related issues and provide insights into what keywords and phrases users used to discover the website.

We implemented SEO software that ensures that the website provides search engines with an accurate picture of the services provided by the website which search engines will add to their library. Results from a keyword research exercise was also implemented to ensure that the high-volume search phrases used to find such services are targeted to ensure maximum visibility and exposure for the website.

Of course, when launching a new website it takes time to obtain organic search rankings (another topic on its own), so it is critical for any new business (especially a local business) to create a Google Business Profile. This is how you get onto Google Maps & Waze, so this helps client find your location. Google will always prioritize their services, so you can feature in search queries with your business profile within days if not immediately. It has a link to your website, and you can add products, services and images of your business. Your clients can also review your business, helping other see what awesome service you are providing. This is known as social proof, an ever-increasing in value aspect. Others want to know from people who have done business with you what their experience with you was like in order to help them decide if they should do business with you.

The last item to complete for phase 1 in this project is the implementation of an online payment gateway, so users don’t have to do an EFT transfer but rather be able to pay for the services at the same time as making their booking. This component is currently being implemented. OBM partners with Peach Payments in this regard for various reasons. Other than being one of the leading and most innovative payment providers, they offer some of the best transaction rates for clients, and a feature we really like is that it all happens on the client’s website. Users are not redirected to the payment provider site as is the case with most other providers in this space, and we find that this aspect improves the conversion ratio for payments, which is a highly underrated performance metric. Ever wondered why you receive orders but the payment was never completed. Do you assume that the user changed their mind? It is often because something went wrong during the redirect and callback during payment. Of course, their ability to provide solutions for almost any application is also plus for us as developers.

Why don’t you head over to their website and let us know what you think of our work.

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